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Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company

Original building: Eero Saarinen Architect 1954

Addition: Roche Kinkeloo and Associates 1973

Columbus, Indiana


About the building:

The Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company was built in 1954 by Eero Saarinen Architect, with landscaping by Dan Kiley. The addition was designed by Roche Dinkeloo and Associates in 1973. more info

Corner detail of exposed steel structure on original building.
Interior of original branch. Light is from fixtures bouncing light into concave indents in the ceiling.

Where the 1954 building meets the 1973 addition.

Exterior view of the 1973 addition.
Banded glass cuts down on the solar gain in the atrium space.
Interior of the atrium.
Steel structure and banded glazing over the atrium.

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